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Gambling cowboy

Noam Lanir: A gambling man - but he refuses to take risks

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Gambling cowboy fluently english

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Forrest has reported from more than 40 countries, and his articles have been translated into more than 30 languages. He has been stationed as a correspondent in Russia, Ukraine, and Brazil. He tiptoes through U. District Courtroom 3D in Las Vegas, having danced out of similar situations before. It is Aug. He wears a charcoal-colored suit, white shirt and no tie, a pair of glasses lending him an expedient air of frailty.

As Phua enters his plea, the right hand of his attorney soothes his shoulders. In this city of deception, who still falls for illusions?

Paul Phua, this modest figure, is the biggest bookmaker in the world. For years, Phua has navigated the globe in an ultra-long-range business jet, its tail designation -- NXS -- a nod to the Chinese belief in lucky number eight and the overindulgence that often accompanies a gambling windfall.

With billions of dollars reportedly at hand, Phua has erected a gaming empire, touching down in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Melbourne and anyplace in between where there are casinos, nosebleed poker games and gamblers ready to place max bets on the world's most lucrative sporting events. Now Phua has landed in a place -- U. Each charge -- operating an illegal gambling business and transmitting wagering information -- carried a seven-year maximum prison term.

But as grave as breaking U. It is indicative of the U. Since Phua's arrest in July , ESPN has conducted more than 80 interviews in eight countries and examined thousands of pages of court filings, which tell the story behind the Caesars raid, involving many high-profile players: the world's biggest poker stars, Wall Street investors, Chinese criminal figures, an All-America basketball player-turned-financial-crimes crusader and the former head of Interpol, each looped into a mystifying, multibillion-dollar shell game.

At the center of it all is Phua pronounced "Pwa" , an unassuming year-old Malaysian and the reputed principal owner of the world's largest sportsbook, IBCBet. Phua, who declined requests to be interviewed for this story, was the reason that poker savant Tom Dwan was learning Mandarin and that poker megastar Phil Ivey was frequently spotted at the StarWorld casino in the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau.

According to the Department of Justice in court filings, Phua was a senior member of a Hong Kong criminal group known as the 14K triad Phua's legal representatives dispute the allegation ; testimony under oath also indicated that Caesars was suspicious of funds he had transferred inside its properties.

What follows is the story of Phua's rise from a Borneo numbers runner to the biggest bookie around -- as well as the most powerful figure in poker. And how the FBI finally hooked him, only to watch him walk away a free man. When the U. Ivey's generosity aroused speculation: Just who was Paul Phua?

A collection of associates, investigators and gambling executives relate the following details. Phua started working construction jobs, but he quickly found more lucrative surroundings. Phua learned how to set lines on soccer games, eventually becoming a bookmaker.

Phua was rising through the sports betting business at a moment, the late s, when the industry was about to undergo revolutionary change. Bookmaking had always been a local activity, with bookmakers marketing to clientele from whom they could collect in person. Internet-deployed technology was allowing bookmakers to reach across international boundaries, marketing their services to a global clientele. A fortunate few bookies would emerge from the mass of Asian sportsbooks and build name brands.

Transformation would require capital investment into IT. Phua happened upon a scheme that would secure the financial wherewithal to harness this innovation. Crystal Palace and Arsenal vs. Wimbledon -- after the stadium lights lost power. Each match had entered the second half, so by the rules of Asian bookmaking, bets on these matches had to be paid based on the score as it stood.

The games came to be known among international bookmakers as the Floodlights Affair, the first confirmed incidence of Asian-backed match-fixing on English soil. A stadium security guard and three Asian men -- two Malaysian nationals and a Hong Kong native -- were found guilty of conspiracy charges related to match-fixing. Phua was never linked to the crime or charged during the proceedings; however, multiple sources close to him tell a different story.

This money allowed Paul Phua to go from being one of the top eight or so bookies in Malaysia to being absolutely massive. With new capital, Phua funded the IT development that placed his sportsbook -- now called IBCBet -- online and at the vanguard of industry technology. It ultimately became the de facto line setter in Asia. Like others in the industry, he recruited an international network of trusted agents and subagents who drummed up business in dozens of countries, say longtime agents and a former executive of IBCBet.

Along the way, Phua partnered with Seng Chen "Richard" Yong, a regular in the Kuala Lumpur gambling scene who the Hong Kong police confirm has been convicted for fixing horse races. IBCBet would eventually be registered in the Philippines, among the few Asian jurisdictions where online sportsbooks remain legal.

The first time was in Malaysia. The second time was slightly more than 10 years ago in Hong Kong, Macau. There's a rumor that he did the infamous English Premier League lights-switch-off case. That's how he saved his ass the last time. He's a guy who can pull things like that off. Although Phua's book expanded globally, he was never far from home. During the Euro soccer championships, Malaysia's D7 police squad tracked intense illegal betting activity to a condominium at the Miri Golf Club, in Phua's hometown.

In the early hours of July 5, officers approached the condo. Portugal and Greece had just kicked off in the Euro final, and police cut the condo's satellite TV cable. When a man exited the condo to check the cable, D7 agents pounced. Police discovered a wire room with 22 men -- from Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau -- working banks of computers.

They made an additional discovery: Paul Phua. The bust didn't impact Phua. But it was a sign, had Phua been one to acknowledge it, that international law enforcement was taking an interest in the game he was playing. The ferry cuts across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, launching off the surf of an approaching monsoon, slamming into the downslopes, windowpanes rattling. The lights of Macau glow from the coast. In fire-orange blaze, the word "Sands" is scrawled across the broadside of one of the city's largest casinos.

It was through this property that Phua gained the prominence that would make regulators in Nevada take note of this new player. Vegas slick has transformed Macau, a town of 11 square miles on China's southern coastline, into the prime mover of international gaming. Las Vegas Sands was the first American casino to open here, in Phua provided a key to this boom. A symbiotic relationship has always existed between casino gambling and sports gambling -- Phua's clientele was hooked on action, not just on sports.

When the Macau Sands opened, according to a casino executive at the time, Phua, with another Hong Kong partner, directed his VIP gamblers toward Adelson's new operation for a percentage. Phua and his partner eventually established Sat Ieng Company Limited, a junket company, which brings mainland Chinese high rollers to Macau and extends them credit. Phua became a regular presence on the Macau nightlife circuit.

He would play Liar's Dice -- a game of deception and bidding -- in Macau nightclubs. Phua wouldn't bet for drinks, as was customary, since he didn't consume alcohol. For him, it was always high cash stakes. Which is a no-no, which really attracts attention. This growth -- which Adelson and Wynn publicly fronted -- was propelled in part by Phua, who for the moment remained unknown to those located anywhere but at the center of the industry.

Wynn's and Adelson's companies declined comment but have denied any association with organized crime in the past; both have partnered with junkets, including those owned by Phua. As it did so, Phua's wealth and reputation expanded. But with Phua, they all say, 'Hey, you don't want to mess around with this guy. Macau is full of tough guys, real and self-imagined. After Broken Tooth Koi, the former head of the 14K triad, was released from prison, in , he joined Phua for dinner.

The encounter, photographed by intelligence operatives, fed rumors that Phua himself was a high-ranking 14K figure. He's not a triad. Any rich man who knows a lot of triads here can cause harm to you if you say something that they don't like.

And this is why Macau itself would always be a risk for investors, since its growth was inextricably linked to organized crime. Macau's biggest clients -- by a staggering margin -- came from mainland China, where it is illegal to operate a debt-collection company. The junket companies relied on Chinese criminal groups -- the triads -- to collect player debt on the mainland. Without the junkets, there would be no Macau boom.

Without the triads, there would be no junkets. Partnering with junkets and major junket figures such as Paul Phua -- as the Western casinos realized was essential to doing business in Macau -- suggested partnering with triads. Eventually, the U. Treasury Department grew curious. While Washington quietly began scrutinizing Vegas operators in Macau, Phua was none the wiser, fueling his own intense personal gambling habit at the enclave's baccarat tables.

A new card game would soon come to his attention, drawing Phua from the shade. Baccarat, a game of chance, has long been king in Asia. Poker's reliance on strategy opposed the Chinese faith in luck. No Macau casino even offered a poker table.

I said, 'Hey, you guys should try poker. You can play other players, instead of losing to the house. They didn't know how to play. In Macau, there was no one to teach them.

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Re: gambling cowboy fluently english

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And a lot of missing gambling own go here, my own people and my own country". Phua happened fluently a scheme that would secure the financial wherewithal to harness this innovation. Phua was never linked to english crime or charged cowboy the proceedings; however, multiple sources close to him tell a different story. That's how he saved his ass the last time.

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Re: gambling cowboy fluently english

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On July 3, gambling definition squelch returned to Las Vegas. Players included Benito Garozzoconsidered by many as the greatest bridge player of gambling time plus his Italian compatriots Pietro Forquet and Cowboy Belladonna and Frenchman Fluently Delmouly. Sharif had a small role in Ashantistarring Caine and english tluently one in Bloodline

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Re: gambling cowboy fluently english

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This led Caesars to an unsettling conclusion. In December, Malaysia's minister of home affairs wrote the deputy director of the FBI, disputing Phua's alleged triad affiliation. They could do that gamblimg tournaments back home, and for prize money scores and TV exposure. Racing Post.

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Re: gambling cowboy fluently english

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At the World Bridge Olympiad he represented the United English Republic bridge squad and in he was cowboy captain of the Egyptian team in the Olympiad. Gambling wanted to know where all the money was coming from. Fluently led Caesars to an unsettling conclusion. Just click for source government shuttered the sites, freezing their funds. No matter the grand taxpayer waste in this botched investigation, the Department of Justice continued to pursue the case.

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Re: gambling cowboy fluently english

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InSharif received acclaim for his leading role in Monsieur Ibrahima French-language film adaptation of the novel Monsieur Ibrahim et gambljng fleurs du Coranas a Muslim Turkish merchant who becomes a father figure for a Jewish boy. In the early hours of July 5, officers approached the condo. It is Gambling cowboy verbatim player.

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Re: gambling cowboy fluently english

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The government shuttered the sites, freezing their gajbling. Two months later, however, Phua entered a ,pound no-limit Texas hold 'em tournament at London's Aspers Casino. Lopez and the technician heard shouting coming from inside the villa, along with audio streams of a soccer game. As Phua enters his plea, the right hand of his attorney soothes his shoulders. CairoEgypt.

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