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Gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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This study aimed to investigate, from a gender perspective, how different features of problem gambling present in men and women who gamble regularly in Sweden were distributed in four domains based on gambling type chance or strategy and setting public or domestic. It was hypothesized that men and women gamble in different domains. Further, it was hypothesized that male gamblers overall experienced more problems with gambling than female gamblers, although in the same domains they would report the same level of problems.

A further hypothesis predicted that regular female gamblers would experience more health and social problems and men would experience more financial difficulties. Only the first hypothesis was fully supported. Men were more likely to participate in forms of gambling requiring strategy in a public setting, and women were more likely to participate in chance-based gambling in a domestic setting. Male and female gamblers had similar levels of problem gambling in the bi-variate analysis, but if controlling for age and gambling in multiple domains, women were more at risk than men.

Additionally, men and women presented similar health and economic situations. The differences between male and female gamblers in Sweden have implications for research and prevention. In Sweden like most parts of Europe, the accessibility of gambling opportunities has increased due to introduction of new media Meyer et al.

Several gambling researchers suggest that genders should be analyzed separately to avoid the risk of omitting gender effects Afifi et al.

Research exploring diverse female gambling patterns and motives is scarce Cousins and Witcher ; Holdsworth et al. Sex role socialization contributes to opportunities, motives, and the development of skills, all of which may influence both interest and participation in gambling activities Holdsworth et al. Therefore, gambling is an arena for expression and validation of masculinities and femininities Svensson et al.

The implications of gender on gambling behavior and motives need to be understood to prevent problem gambling and for breaking masculine norms in gambling, thereby changing the unequal gender order. A Swedish study has shown that men in Sweden display a higher level of social dominance orientation SDO than women, which favors group dominance and opposes equality among groups in society Zackrisson The only exception is found in situations and organizations that are defined by their democratic and equality features, where women dominate.

Zackrisson questions the levels of SDO in women in male dominated associations. It is possible that women in male dominated, masculine domains conform to SDO.

However, they may also be more opposed to SDO. When this is transferred to the context of gender and gambling, it may be relevant in understanding why gender stereotypes appear to remain in gambling and how women who gamble in masculine domains view the gendered aspect of gambling.

Even if there are no legal obstacles for women to gamble, economic and social factors may act as constraints for women to enter specific domains of gambling. According to the Global Gender Gap Report , Sweden is one of the world leaders in gender equality regarding economics, politics, education and health Hausmann et al. Sweden is known as a welfare state, which tries to overcome gender-based inequality through implementation of policies which target gender socialization and traditional gender roles Bambra et al.

Regardless of class or positions in the workplace, women in Sweden, as in most countries, are generally still primarily responsible for the private sphere of caring for the family and the home Statistic Sweden This is relevant to gambling when understanding gambling behavior of women and how women and men experience features of problem gambling differently, such as feelings of guilt and criticism.

Studies on gender role attitudes have shown that Swedish respondents generally disapprove of work specialization according to gender. However, women in gainful employment and who generally strive to live gender-equal lives tend to be subject to greater stress than women with more traditional gender roles, which may cause the former health problems Nordenmark Gambling is historically a male-dominated activity, and not all types of gambling are equally accessible or culturally acceptable for women Casey ; Hing and Breen Gavriel-Fried et al.

Research on female gamblers in the United States showed that women had less free time than men and that their free time was only available in smaller time periods Winn and Heeter This finding is consistent with Swedish surveys showing that women spend more time on housework than men and report less leisure time than men Statistic Sweden In Sweden, buying lottery tickets is a mainstream gambling activity for both genders.

Over half of all Swedish men and women aged 16—84 bought lottery tickets during the last year. However, there have been, and still are, significant gender differences in gambling behavior.

Men gamble more frequently than women Abbott et al. Men gambled more than women in all forms of gambling except for lotteries and bingo. Here, a gender aspect exists. Svensson et al. According to this concept, women and femininity are associated with domestic gambling i. Therefore, the dichotomy of public and private spheres is still relevant and was used in this study to examine gendered leisure constraints in gambling.

The structural composition of different forms of gambling can significantly affect the ways that gambling problems develop and present Bjerg The increased risk of problem gambling for men is not surprising as men, in general, gamble more than women and are more likely to use forms of gambling significantly associated with a high risk of problem gambling Holdsworth et al.

A review of over populations studies on problem gambling showed that gambling forms including gambling machines, poker, bingo, casino games and Internet gambling are in general more associated with the risk of problem gambling than others Williams et al. The effect of adding gambling behavior to regression models that investigate problem gambling is noteworthy. In some studies, such as in the first wave of the Swedish longitudinal study and the South African prevalence study, being male was no longer a significant predictor for problem gambling after controlling for gambling behavior Ross et al.

Notably, some places, such as Manitoba, Canada, report no gender differences; both men and women are equally likely to gamble and to be problem gamblers Lemaire et al. This and the increase in women seeking help in Australia has been partly explained by the normalization, wide acceptance and availability of gambling machines Delfabbro ; Holdsworth et al.

The highest proportion of problem gambling is found among men aged 18—24 where 1 in 10 has a gambling problem. Therefore, gambling participation and age may act as important variables when examining problem gambling among male and female Swedish regular gamblers.

The Swedish help line for problem gamblers is predominantly used by men. These data are similar to the gender division of those seeking gambling treatments in Sweden: Gambling-related problems range from economic hardship to health problems. Wenzel and Dahl conducted a critical review of the literature which included 28 papers concerning the clinical characteristics of pathological gamblers. Problem gamblers of both genders demonstrated financial problems and legal problems, but men reported more criminal histories Wenzel and Dahl They also concluded that there was strong evidence for a higher comorbidity of anxiety and mood disorders in female problem gamblers and for a higher comorbidity of alcohol abuse in male problem gamblers.

This study aimed to investigate how different features of problem gambling in men and women who gamble regularly are distributed and presented in different domains from a gender perspective. Based on the knowledge presented in the sections above, gambling was divided into four domains according to their characteristics in terms of features strategy or chance and setting domestic or public. As mentioned, gender differences exist in gambling as well as problem gambling. Women appear to gamble on forms of gambling that are characterized by chance, while men seem to be more involved in games of strategy.

Extensive evidence also states that public spheres are viewed as masculine and the domestic environments as feminine. We hypothesized that men and women who gamble regularly are involved in different domains, with women more involved in the chance-domestic domain and men dominate the other domains chance-public, strategy-domestic and strategy-public Hypothesis 1. In addition, we predicted that the chance-domestic domain would be significantly less associated with problem gambling Hypothesis 2.

Evidence suggests that more men than women are problem gamblers; that men and women who gamble in similar ways experience the same levels of problem gambling and that men and women who are defined as problem gamblers experience different types of gambling-related problems. Therefore, we hypothesized that male gamblers overall experience more problems with gambling than female gamblers Hypothesis 3a. However, we added the prediction that women and men within the same gambling domains report the same level of problems with gambling Hypothesis 3b.

Further, we predicted that women in all domains experience more gambling-related health problems Problem Severity Gambling Index, PGSI, 6 , experience more criticism for their gambling PGSI 7 if they gamble in a public environment, and feel more guilt PGSI 9 than men who gamble in the same domains, except for the chance-domestic domain Hypothesis 4a. In addition, we predicted that men in all domains, except from the domain of chance-domestic would be more likely to answer affirmative for all items regarding financial problems PGSI 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 Hypothesis 4b.

The sample of regular gamblers in the current study was a subsample from the first wave of the Swedish longitudinal gambling study Swelogs , a longitudinal population study on gambling and health. The primary method of data collection involved computer-supported telephone interviews conducted by Statistics Sweden from November to April To reduce attrition, questionnaires were sent with two reminders to non-respondents.

Sweden has unique register databases that contain information regarding the population. For all inhabitants, most vital life events such as births, marriages, children, relocation, migration, salaries, unemployment allowances, educational levels and grades are registered in different population registers.

All of these registers are available to researchers. A stratified simple random sample of 15, was drawn from the frame population. Gender, age group, and estimated risk of problem gambling were used for stratification. The estimated risk was calculated from register variables according to results of a pilot study conducted in the spring of Therefore the sample had an overrepresentation of youth, people born outside of Sweden and recipients of social welfare or family members of social welfare recipients.

Only unweighted data were used. The unweighted response frequency was Every participant who gambled at least 6 times a year was included in the final sample for this study. There was a total of 3, persons, The mean age of the participants was To be a regular gambler, the respondent had to have gambled at least twice a month in any gambling form.

Overall, regular gamblers were more often men, Swedish born, married with or without children, and aged 45 or older, compared with the total population. The bi-variate analyses found significant differences between men and women in the sample of regular gamblers.

The proportion of women born outside Sweden who were regular gamblers was larger than that of men born outside Sweden who were regular gamblers. Four gambling domains were created based on the characteristics of each individual gambling form. Initially gambling forms were divided into two categories based on their basic orientation as either strategy skill and competition or chance luck.

Strategy and chance gambling forms were further divided based on their setting into either a domestic or public place. Appendix 2. Therefore, a person who gambled at least 6 times a year in more than one gambling domain was counted more than once in the analysis. All gambling forms were not easy to categorize. An exploratory factor analysis was undertaken and used as support when categorization by theory was difficult. In this study, lotteries besides tombolas were included in the domain chance-domestic.

In all domains the proportions of single parents, recipients of social welfare, and people born outside Sweden were larger among female regular gamblers among male regular gamblers. There were no gender differences regarding the level of education or whether the participants lived in larger cities in any domain. There were no age differences between men and women in the public domains. Education was separated into three categories based on the information from the register: low, intermediate and high.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

Postby Akim В» 05.08.2019

This is a horrible disease. Have trouble controlling your gambling. It took us a long time to get into this mess. Honesty is encouraged at GA. Tomorrow day

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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This scandal has hit the headlines as many disabled people and unemployed people have had cuts to their benefits and have committed suicide. You see I really am on my own. We get to meet so many people from different walks of life. We are talking tomorrow.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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Take over management of your family finances, carefully monitoring bank and credit card statements. The increased risk of problem gambling for men is not surprising as men, in general, gamble more than women and are more likely to more info forms of gambling significantly associated with a high risk of problem gambling Holdsworth et al. London: Palgrave Macmillan. If friends and family are worried, listen to them carefully. I planned to work for a gamblingg to repay gambling debt.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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There were no gender differences regarding the level of education or whether the participants lived in larger cities in any domain. Your situation is harder than mine in some ways. I think I gambled because I loved the rush. I had dealt with mening many years ago and had forgiven him particularly after he passed in

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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Money to me is an energy and the means for life to be more comfortable. The Helpline is available to Michigan residents only. Dealing with the debt will come later.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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British Journal of General Practice. I hope this will speed up your payments. Sex Roles 70, — I picked the two who I knew I could manipulate and played them like a fiddle. Problem gambling is an addictive behavior with a high meainng with alcohol problems.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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In truth I am more careful nowadays about who I give my time to. No one can. I have ever had emotional support from my ex, he is a mans man and just does t function in that way.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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Retrieved September 15, References Abbott, M. Appendix 2. I just want to say well done on your gamble free time and well done on getting here. Friends of mine in the nineties committed suicide and within of them I am still not totally,over it.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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I am a professional woman or at least I used more info be. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. It takes omnotonous strength and courage to own up to this, especially if you have lost a lot of money and strained or broken relationships along the way. Any centres near This is certainly a progressive disease with each relapse worse than the last.

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Re: gambling addiction hotline monotonous meaning

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I genuinely cannot continue living in this hell. Good not to be in so much pain as I was. Multiple risk factors for frequent and problem gambling: Individual, social, and ecological.

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