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Gambling movies arose 2017

Postby Vorisar В» 29.11.2018


What is it about the samurai that captivates Westerners? I believe it might be that at the core of every samurai is the code of bushido , the feudal Japanese equivalent of chivalry, with its one edict above all else: If the time should call for it, protect your lord with your life. That self-abnegation in service of something greater than oneself is the question at the heart of the works of generation after generation of directors as they revisit the samurai film.

This is a broad genre, just from a the standpoint of how much history falls within it. The American Western falls more or less within the bounds of the 19th Century, yet samurai films offer centuries of warfare, palace intrigue and a drawn-out end of an era for the history and film buff to chew on. Samurai flicks really have something for everyone. Fans of period pieces will love the intricate set design, costuming and portrayals of towering historical figures in the midst of epic conflict.

If operatic drama is more your speed, you can sit back and watch committed actors dine upon lavish scenery. Action junkies get to watch riveting combat with cool-looking swords. It is with solemn bushido reverence that I invite you to join us as we dive into 50 films that exemplify this mightiest of genres.

The Muromachi Period encompasses the bulk of the movies in this list, but this part deals with the handful that occur in earlier times, before the ceaseless age of war that followed. For the purposes of our list, here are the films dealing with samurai before the rise of the shogun and the horrific century of bloody civil war that followed.

This film was actually censored by U. The slim minute movie tells a story set in A. Kurosawa would go on to hammer out decade after decade of indelible film classics and indispensable samurai films. Check out this short meditation to see how much he already knew 15 years before he even made Yojimbo.

What does it mean to be a good man? Does it mean unwavering fealty to your lord and land, an indomitable will to carry out your duties despite risk to your own safety? Does it mean devotion to your wife, and loyalty to her above all others? What happens when the first man grows jealous of the second man? All the same, he proves the better of the two by modern and even archaic definitions of manliness, while Morito proves himself to be something of a monster in spite of his martial virtues.

What you get out of Rashomon likely reflects what you bring into it, but it might help to bring a basic grasp of cubism to the proceedings. The bandit, the man accused of murdering a samurai and raping his wife? The wife? The samurai himself, summoned to the trial via spirit medium? A system of violent, treacherous feudalism arose that created a sort of golden age of the samurai.

Sengoku Jidai —this age of civil war—lasted a blood-soaked century and a half. Films set in this period feature massive armies clashing on horseback, devious clan warfare and intrigue, castles under siege, and earth-shattering historical epics written in noble blood.

Toshiro Mifune stars as Washizu, a loyal samurai retainer driven to ambition and then ruin after receiving a prophecy from an evil spirit while wandering the aftermath of a decisive battle. The stark black-and-white photography Kurosawa employs here, more even than his better-remembered samurai films like Yojimbo or The Seven Samurai , demonstrates how much care he puts into each shot, whether it requires the exact timing and coordination of hundreds of extras, intricate blocking as a single character succumbs to madness or despair, or framing a motionless evil spirit leering menacingly in the midst of a fog-shrouded forest.

Throne of Blood is the rare film that can function as both a love letter to its source material and a unique work of art in its own right. And it puts other, lazier adaptations of Shakespeare to shame, too. Initially told from the point of view of two bumbling, quarrelsome civilians Minoru Chiaki and Kamatari Fujiwara who are lured into the thick of a war zone by the promise of gold, the story soon finds them running afoul of two opposing clans.

And, like its cinematic successor, it ends with a triumph, though a small one, that promises the good guys will fight on. Based on a ferocious rivalry between two larger-than-life historical samurai, Heaven and Earth is a lavish war movie. Portraying young samurai Kagetora Takaaki Enoki as an earnest nobleman seeking to protect his kingdom from the invading warlord Takeda Shingen Masahiko Tsugawa , the story follows the ups and downs of his leadership.

After the maneuvering, the treachery and the clash of armies, it all builds to exactly the inevitable showdown you hope it does: Two guys in head-to-toe armor with swords slugging it out on horseback in the middle of a shallow river. Granted a last minute reprieve from joining his lord in death, he elects for a late life of earthly pleasures.

He flatly states the chivalric samurai code of bushido is for fools when a family members demands he take his own life and end the embarrassment to his clan. Uchida was stranded in occupied Manchuria for nearly a decade following the Second World War, a time of his life about which little has been written. His pre-war work barely survives and by all accounts is filled with weird stylistic and political inconsistency.

This production, mounted with the aid of funding from George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, almost had as much drama behind the scenes as the sweeping Sengoku Jidai war epic that made it onto the celluloid. When Shingen is mortally wounded in the course of his war for supremacy over Japan, he orders that his decoy take his place and his death be kept secret for three years for the good of the clan. It will end tragically, of course.

That means accepting his fate as well. This film feels a bit like it was conceived by a child, but at least it was a kid with a very active imagination. A colorful, overlong minutes?!? This is a film that should be viewed either late at night with a bunch of whiskey or early in the morning with a bunch of sugar cereal.

After more than a century of ceaseless conflict, the warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu finally outmaneuvered his rivals and seized power over all of Japan. Naming himself shogun, Ieyasu and his heirs would hold dominion over Japan for nearly three centuries—longer, as of this writing, than the United States has been a sovereign country. Ieyasu moved most of the government from Kyoto to Edo present-day Tokyo , and so this time in history is called the Edo or the Tokugawa period. With the sudden end of constant war, the samurai class slowly became unmoored.

At the same time, Tokugawa declared that Japan would be largely closed to outsiders and that a person could not leave the social class into which he or she was born, facts that contributed to the feeling of society becoming static. Films set in this period wallow in existential uncertainty and cloying social convention.

A few of his contemporaries became icons, like Seijun Suzuki, Yosujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa, who all broke free from their expectations as studio filmmakers to exercise a new creative freedom apart from tradition.

They created their own traditions, building myths from the ruins of their reality. And, in tune with the best chambara the decade had to offer, his fight is a spectacularly beautiful one. In case it bears mentioning: This is The 47 Ronin , not 47 Ronin. So, in other words, this is the template-shaping Kenji Mizoguchi movie, the movie that served and still serves as the basis for a samurai sub-genre, not the pre- John Wick Keanu Reeves flick that stank up theaters at the end of Sorry Keanu.

We love you lots, but lord above, that was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad movie. Basically, back in the 18th century in Japan, a company of samurai, left leaderless and disgraced when law compelled their lord to commit seppuku , decided to team up and get revenge for his death.

Based on historical events, the story follows a young lord in the 18th Century who is killed due to court intrigue and his 47 samurai retainers stripped of their titles and made to be ronin. The honorable thing to do in such cases is normally to just commit seppuku and join your lord in death.

It is very slow, plodding, and the action comes seemingly from out of nowhere. Even when lined up in this list, it still may be one of the most quintessentially Japanese films you ever see. A wandering ronin strides into a mean, dying town and into the middle of a blood feud between two gangs. Yojimbo essentially introduced chambara to the West, burning the blueprint of the amoral, individualistic antihero at odds with the chivalric samurai mold into the minds of the Westerners who would eagerly pay it homage.

Whether you prefer Sanjuro to Yojimbo depends on the particularities of your tastes, sort of like whether you prefer Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello. Sanjuro is about swagger, the mythological facade a person builds for themselves to dazzle and captivate onlookers.

As opposed to the steely, cunning, relentlessly vicious Sanjuro of Yojimbo , the Sanjuro of Sanjuro is confident to the point of coming off as a roguish loudmouth, a Japanese forebear to American characters such as Ash Williams. The fact that he can, that his meekness is just a deception hiding an unstoppable, righteous whirlwind of dismemberment, is the reason The Tale of Zatoichi spawned 26 films, the vast majority of them starring Katsu in the title role.

The stories wallow in the dirt and danger of the Edo Period, when crime and intrigue replaced the war and treachery of the samurai as the greatest dangers to the common folk. The zato , or anma masseurs, a role traditionally for the blind , of feudal Japan were considered lowly and servile.

This inaugural romp sees Ichi hired by local toughs as the ringer in a gang war, and introduces the world to his humble-looking walking stick and the nasty blade it conceals. Amidst the unrest and corruption of the late Edo Period, the famous kabuki actor Yukinojo Kazuo Hasegawa, reprising his role from an original production , who specializes in portraying women encounters the men who drove his mother and father to madness and suicide.

He puts his lifetime of training in stage and the sword to use, sowing the distrust that will drive his enemies to madness, penury, and ruin. Revenge of a Kabuki Actor is no less weird and dreamlike if you happen to know that during the Edo Period, actors like Yukinojo were required to dress and act like women even when not on stage. The staging makes use of isolated set dressings and lighting that leaves the surroundings cloaked in shadow, evoking the art form Yukinojo uses to beguile and destroy his enemies.

Yukinojo does it backwards in heels. Gonza the Spearman is set in , more than a hundred years into the Edo period, when samurai wondered just what a warrior is when he has no war to fight. Inevitably, their passions, desires and petty grievances are punished by the stifling, unforgiving way of life under the shogun, in which performing an intricate tea ceremony improperly can bring dishonor to a perfectly capable samurai.

There is only one scene of violence in Gonza , long-delayed but as sickeningly inevitable as it is graphic. The movie ends on that same ridiculously intricate tea ceremony, and the face of an orphaned girl as she impassively pretends that all of this is just fine. A young aspiring doctor shows up at his clinic, learns that he is to be apprenticed there, and sees the utterly miserable state of the destitute people Akahige takes in.

His presence, and the respect his patients have for him, is felt before he finally invites his young, reluctant apprentice into the room and gives him a long, severe stare from behind a truly epic beard. Early on, Itto makes his oblivious son choose between a bitter life of vengeance or the sweet, sweet release of death by putting a sword and a ball on the floor and observing which token the infant crawls toward.

Itto foreswears all honor and propriety to walk a path of certain damnation. Across six ultraviolent films, that way is long and paved with his butchered foes.

Surely not every wandering ronin was a terse, violent jerk. As heavy rains trap them in a town, Ihei keeps running afoul of situations that demand he draw his sword despite his peaceful and easygoing nature. After the Rain is a movie about decency and how it can get an honest man in trouble in a cynical time. Dora-heita winks at the audience from the beginning, and has the good sense to keep the blood to a minimum so as not to spoil the fun.

The movie knows that in a world of pimps and mobsters, the men in that room are the real villains. The fact Koheita never once wets his blade with the blood of his enemies—preferring either intricate judo or the blunt edge of his sword—is just one more cathartic insult to his foes. For a samurai, death is glorious, but the indignity of a good spanking is universal.

Toshiro Mifune returns as the lowly but determined ronin Niiro, the bastard of an unnamed lord whose only ambition is to make a name for himself at any cost. The film is guilty of dumping a lot of exposition through uninterestingly shot dialogue, but it all culminates in a truly gruesome melee, with dozens of swordsmen trading chaotic blows amidst a snowstorm.

The film follows an itinerant, layabout swordsman named Kiba played by a then-fledgling Isao Natsuyagi who is contracted by a blind waystation boss to protect a shipment of gold from a competing group of assassin couriers.

Roulette (2010) - Gambling Thriller, time: 1:10:21
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Re: gambling movies arose 2017

Postby Mazushicage В» 29.11.2018

Sengoku Jidai —this age of civil war—lasted a blood-soaked century and a half. Little more info around the film also make an interesting story. Worth a view, especially if you like Lifetime type films.

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Re: gambling movies arose 2017

Postby Goltilabar В» 29.11.2018

Quentin Tarantino gets flak for his pastiche habits, but when Tarantino steals, he steals from the best. This culminated in the toppling of the shogunate and a return to power of the emperor. I was hoping to enjoy this movie as our society lacks of positive family movies and comedies.

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Re: gambling movies arose 2017

Postby Ninris В» 29.11.2018

I read more looked at his profile and damn, this guy put a white line on the inside qrose his lower eyelids for dramatic effect. Also I see he has been doing mainly acting, then managing all in Gamblingand now directing and writing this film. We want to spend more time with them, disloyal as they may be. Ieyasu moved most of movies government from Kyoto to Edo present-day Tokyoand so this aros in history is called the Edo or the Tokugawa period. We watch as he changes allegiances, duels fearsome 2017, and bit by bit becomes more physically and psychologically arose.

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Re: gambling movies arose 2017

Postby Fenrilabar В» 29.11.2018

Arriving with nothing and no cell or Internet access Alec is forced to land on his feet, addiction process aided by Cecilia, a beautiful but unavailable large-animal veterinarian, played by Camilla Luddington Grey's Anatomy. Considerably more. Then one day, things went gambling, and ignorant partner, Sunti barely escaped with his life There is, of course, much more to Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji than that, but Uchida hotline division in class as arosw ultimate card game crossword feints, an ugliness that he trump with beautiful cinematography and a bevy of terrific performances from his cast.

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Re: gambling movies arose 2017

Postby Nat В» 29.11.2018

The fact Koheita never once wets his blade with the blood of his enemies—preferring either intricate judo or the blunt edge of his sword—is just one more cathartic click to his foes. So what happens next was a predictable twist, but a good way to end. Please try again.

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